Your Office, Your Event, Your Community, Your Teams, Your Attendees, Your Members,

See what’s happening around you,
and regain the experience of
interacting with people in a shared
Space. Instantly.

Unlock the power of Visualisation



One circle is one conversation or meeting. The bigger the circle, the more people in the room.

It’s that easy.



100+ employees, 1000+ attendees, or 10,000+ members?

We have you covered. Your Spaces grow with you.



At home, in the office, or on the go.

Stay connected wherever you are.



Your colours, your structure, your branding.

After all, it’s your Space!

Spark conversations and watch them grow.
Search and connect with your teams, attendees or members easily.

Less meetings, more conversations.
Free up your calendar, put on your networking hat, and go with the flow.

There’s Room for all.
Link your external conference
calls within your Space.

Live collaboration made simple.
Embed your assets in the content library
for seamless engagement.

Used by world class teams

  • 4 Wall
  • Phorix
  • Oceanographic
  • Novicell
  • The Information Lab
  • Kitchens by Holloways

“Moving from Google Meet into SPACEIN … felt like we’d, in some part, gone back to the office, we were all going back to the same space, a virtual space which everyone was comfortable with. “

The Information Lab

“We found Zoom connected people, but only after you invited them to a meeting room… SPACEIN connects people in a much more fluid way.”

Kitchens by Holloways

“SPACEIN is the future of meetings!

It connects all of my audience in one place helping me effectively manage meeting and builds my audience engagement and participation.”


Teams. Attendees. Members.
There’s a Space for everyone.

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